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How Owning a Dog Can Help with Mental Health

When you observe the relationship between an owner and their pet, it becomes obvious how strong the psychological bond is. So, it's impossible to separate this from mental health, as the two are intrinsically linked.

Many online polls and stats show exactly how owners feel about their pets, as the majority treat their pets as family members.

When you look around, you can see this reality, and it's not peculiar to young people alone.

Almost anyone with a pet loves and cares for them as a human family member or close friend.

The idea that owning a pet, such as a dog, can boost mental health is quite recent, with studies conducted in the late 20th century showing the following physical evidence:

  • Reduced heart rate

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Easing of tense muscles

  • Reduced stress levels

Since then, more research has discovered the link between mental health and pets. And today, pet ownership is an important facet of mental health care.

Let's closely examine the mental health impacts of owning a dog:

Reduced stress levels

Stress is a mental ailment that is caused by various real-life issues. Starting small, these issues escalate to become big problems that can weigh on your mind like a rock and occupy all of your thoughts.

By engaging closely with a furry friend, you can considerably lower your stress levels, particularly cortisol levels in your body. On the other hand, the interaction will release the happy hormone oxytocin, further helping to dampen the foul mood and improve overall mental health.

In addition, the mere act of rubbing the dog down or tenderly stroking the pet is scientifically proven to reduce stress and even calm aggressive hyperactivity.

You feel wanted

People who own pets tend to feel wanted and needed. The physical act of caring for the dog, such as bathing and feeding, enhances this connection. And caring for your pet, as such, gives you a keen sense of meaning and purpose.

Many scientific experiments have repeatedly shown the relationship between caregiving and anxiety/depression reduction.

A dog can be an excellent source of motivation and comfort, helping you lead psychologically stable and healthy lives.

Increased physical activity

One of the best ways to perpetually be in a great mental state is to immerse oneself in productive physical activity.

For pet owners, this can be a short walk or a run to the park with their pets. By doing so, they seemingly kill two birds with one stone, forging a good partnership and understanding with the dog and getting a decent exercise.


A furry friend can give you all the sense of companionship and warmth that you need not to feel lonely.

Depression and anxiety, two key mental ailments, can be caused by extreme loneliness. There's a lot of benefit for older people or folks that reside alone if they own a dog, as it'll help boost self-confidence and reduce anxiety.

You also are likely to socialize more (with other dog owners, for instance).

Contact us today to acquire a furry friend to help you keep in a fine mood all day.

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