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First Steps to Take as a First-Time Great Dane Owner

What a special day, you are finally ready to bring home your first Great Dane! Whether it is your first or sixth pet, you never forget the first time he or she gets introduced to their new home.

Raising your new Great Dane promises to be an experience unlike any other, and yes this breed has its own unique things that make the process different then other puppies.

Great Dane 101

Great Danes are some of the tallest dog breeds around. They possess impressive strength and size but are surprisingly gentle, sweet, affectionate, and loyal.

As a result, they're excellent housemates as you can expect them to keep you company all the time. They're a unique breed, and your caregiving must reflect this. In this article, you'll learn about the first action steps after getting a Great Dane puppy.


Bringing in a Great Dane puppy requires special preparation, chances are will you need to make some house updates prior to your puppy arriving home. You'll have to prepare water dishes, food, treats, leash and collar, chew toys, bedding, and supplies. Puppy-proofing is also crucial, as you'll have to move dangerous items out of the way. Great Danes are a relatively big and normally playful so you want to ensure that no valuables or hazardous chemicals are lying within reach that the energetic puppy could accidentally knock down.

Social exposure

Once your Great Dane is about eight weeks old, you should work out a social training schedule to help it get used to being around many people. Great Danes grow to be very big, roughly 150 pounds in weight. As a result, it's important to temper any potential bad behavior early on. Ensure that the social exposure includes humans and other dogs, too.

Potty training

Unlike some other breeds, Great Danes are easy to potty train.

A significant reason for this is the size of their bladders. This means that there's a longer duration between bathroom breaks which can help them absorb the training quicker from early on. Be consistent on positive reinforcement when they 'go' outside. Pee pads can sometimes have a negative effect for potty training because it teaches them that going inside is acceptable. Lastly, schedules can be a dogs best friend. If they are able to get outside around the same times each day it will allow them to get into a normal potty routine!


Great Danes are a big breed. However, they're susceptible to several ailments, most of which can be avoided by giving them high-quality food. They will grow big and tall, whatever you feed them. So, you may want to do away with growth-enhancing puppy foods to ensure they don't have joint problems as they grow to full size.

Great Danes are susceptible to bloat. As a result, their meals should contain more than one-fourth of protein. Avoid feeding them foods like avocados, grapes, chocolate, onions, or chicken bones, as they could prove fatal.

Finally, get the puppy a baby blanket from the breeder to help them get comfortable indoors.

At Great Lake Danes, we have several champion-pedigreed Dane puppies for you to choose from. Make your pick today!

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