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5 Things You Didn't Know About Great Danes

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Great Danes are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and for good reasons too!

Standing tall at an average height of 30+ inches, to the shoulder, these Gentle Giants -(as Great Danes are known) are patient with kids and perfect for the family. But you probably knew those positive attributes already.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about Great Danes!

1. Great Danes are not from Denmark.

Sorry to disappoint you; Great Danes do not originate from Denmark. You got it right; the name is pretty misleading.

But don't blame us - they got that name when a French naturalist named Georges-Louis Leclerc saw them while visiting Denmark in the 1700s.

He coined Grand Danois, which translates as Great Dane in English. So, where are they from? Germany!

2. They were vicious killers.

It's surprising to think that these gentle giants were very good at hunting prey, such as wild boars.

They were very aggressive and even fought in the first world war. Today's Great Danes - gentle, calm, and friendly - are a far cry from the viciousness of their ancestors.

3. Great Danes are not the tallest breed.

Great Danes are massive and can grow as tall as 3 ft. But it'll shock you to know some breeds grow taller than Great Danes.

Irish wolfhounds hold the title for the tallest dog breeds in the world. However, the tallest individual dog was Zeus - a Great Dane.

Zeus was an astonishing 7 feet, 4 inches in height when standing. Many record holders were also Great Danes!

4. The Great Dane is the official dog of a country and a US state.

The state of Pennsylvania has the Great Dane as its official dog breed. What informed this decision?

Well, that's because the founder of Pennsylvania - Williams Penn - was the owner of a Great Dane. Whenever you are chanced to visit the state's capitol in Harrisburg, you'll find a picture of William and his dog hanging at the Governor's reception room.

Great Danes are also the national dog breed of Germany!

5. A Great Dane joined the Navy.

Nuisance was the only dog to be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy. He grew up in the United Services Institute, where he made friends with Navy sailors.

Born in 1930, he served in South Africa, from 1939 to 1944, during World War Two. When Nuisance died, he was buried with full military honors.

Blue Great Danes are lovely dogs to have. However, it is recommended to get your puppy from a certified breeder for a healthy dog you can spend great and happy moments with!

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