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Great Dane puppies for sale in Michigan

Blue Great Dane puppy breeder in West Michigan

Great Dane puppies for sale in Michigan

Great Lake Danes is a family farm located in West Michigan that breeds ACK Blue Great Dane puppies. Our family farm has been breeding for over ten years, and we are committed to providing champion-pedigreed AKC Blue Great Dane puppies. We serve Michigan and the surrounding states, including Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Great Lake Danes offers shipping options to make the process easier for those who cannot make the trip to the farm in Michigan. Our puppies are up to date on vaccinations and wormings and will come with a health record. Along with a health record, we groom, bathe, brush, and clip nails before our babies leave the farm. All of our puppies leave with a sample of food, sample of vitamins, along with much more. 

Tips for adopting a Great Dane puppy

Are you searching for Blue Great Dane puppies for sale for your next family pet? Great Danes are a popular dog breed for families across America and are loyal companions. Great Danes are known as gentle giants and ideal pets for families due to their warm and soft nature. With any new pet, it's essential to understand their personalities, health, background, and other information, so you have an easier time with training and other pet responsibilities. At Great Lake Danes, our family is passionate about finding our Blue Great Dane puppies loving homes and can guide potential pet owners throughout the process. We are dedicated to providing families with the information and resources they need for their new pet. If you're interested in adopting a Blue Great Dane puppy, there are a few things you need to know about the breed. Below are a few top tips to make for a smoother transition into being a Great Dane owner. 

1) Be prepared for their large size

Great Danes are large breeds and can weigh over 150 pounds, with their shoulders around 30 inches from the ground. Before adopting a Great Dane, it's important to ensure that you are prepared for a massive dog in your home. For their size, Great Danes only need moderate exercise and do not require a large backyard. As they continue to grow, they will be tall and able to reach higher items in your home. Great Danes are also known to have "happy tails," making it easier for them to knock over things in the house. Great Danes are gentle giants with loving temperaments, and they grow enormous as adults. By preparing for this, you will have an easier time as they grow up. 

2) Start Training Early

Great Danes have average to above-average intelligence, and if you start training when they are young, you have a higher chance of success. When it comes to training Great Danes, it's essential to be consistent and firm with your training sessions. For their massive size and strength, Great Danes are genuinely patient, gentle, and people pleasures, making training easier. If you put time and attention towards training your Great Dane skills, they will catch on.  Spending a few minutes practicing every day will help your Great Dane become well-behaved and acclimated to different tricks. When your Great Dane responds correctly to commands while training, reward them with attention, as they are a very social breed. During training, you can use their favorite toy or treat to help them succeed. With their pleasing nature, Great Danes are ideal for learning new tricks. Remember to start training your Great Dane early and stick with a routine. 

3) Nutrition is Important

One of the key things to take into mind when adopting a new pet is their nutritional needs. With the proper nutrition and diet, they can live healthily and grow at a steady pace. It's important not to overfeed them and encourage rapid growth. By growing too fast, Great Danes are at a higher risk for health issues that can cause them discomfort and potential neurological problems. As Great Danes are prone to stomach issues, specifically Bloat, you need to ensure that you provide them with high-quality food as well to prevent further issues. Generally, having your Great Dane eat smaller meals throughout the day helps them maintain a healthy diet. Also, it's vital for them to not exercise immediately after eating. By paying mind to their diet and how much they are taking in, along with monitoring exercise, your Great Dane has a higher chance of living a healthy life. 

Great dane puppies for sale

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