Great Dane puppies for sale in Ohio

Are you interested in adding a Great Dane puppy to your family home in Ohio? Great Lake Danes is a family-run farm located in West Michigan specializing in breeding champion-pedigreed ACK Blue Great Dane puppies. Great Danes are known for their gentle demeanor, making for the ideal family pet. They are social and love to please their owners and will provide companionship to loved ones. Great Lake Danes serve Michigan and the surrounding states, including Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Our hand-raised farm puppies receive much love and compassion, and we are dedicated to helping them socialize from a young age. We are committed to providing the highest level of care to our puppies. Great Lake Danes offers shipping options to make the process easier for those who cannot make the trip to the farm in Michigan.

It can be very exciting to adopt a new pet, and Great Lake Danes are committed to helping new potential pet owners transition through adoption seamlessly. Our family is passionate about finding our Blue Great Dane puppies loving homes and can guide potential pet owners throughout the process. Our puppies are up to date on vaccinations and wormings and will come with a health record. Along with a health record, we groom, bathe, brush, and clip nails before our babies leave the farm. All of our puppies come with food and a toy, along with much more. We strive to provide all of the resources and tips to make a smooth transition for you and your new family member. If you are looking to adopt a Great Dane puppy, contact Great Lake Danes for more information on the adoption process. 

How to train a Great Dane

Training is essential for any dog owner, but each dog breed has its own way of learning, so it's important to understand the breed to make the most out of training sessions. Great Danes are gentle giants known to be lazy, but love to please their owners and are very social. With consistent training and love and attention, your new Great Dane puppy will be on track to learning new tricks. When you first adopt your Great Dane, practice is necessary to ensure that they understand basic commands. It can be challenging at times, but well worth the effort. Below we break down a few different training tips to make your training more successful with your Great Dane.

When do you start training your Great Dane?

One of the key elements to successful training is starting when your Great Dane is a puppy. As puppies are very young, they are adaptable and easy to teach basic commands and tricks. Great Danes have an innate need to please their owners, so your puppy will be easy to train if you start early. As they get older, it becomes more challenging to train them as they become set in their ways. It's recommended to start around eight to ten weeks old so that they adopt good behavior as they age and grow drastically in size. With training, your Great Dane puppy will become an adult and follow your lead. 

Reward with treats!

One of the easiest ways to give Great Danes an incentive to learn commands is by rewarding them with treats. Training through rewards is the best method to get your Great Dane to train correctly, and it makes it easier for all parties involved. It is more effective as a training method because your dog will associate your training with exciting things, such as treats for them to enjoy. Whenever you give a particular command, reward your Great Dane's behavior with one of their favorite treats and lots of positive affirmations. By doing this, your puppy will engage with you, which leads to higher retention. 

How long should training sessions be with your Great Dane?

Starting training early on can ensure that your Great Dane will follow your lead as they age. It's important to note that when starting, it will take a bit of adjustment for your puppy as they are still young and learning about the world around them. 

When you are training your new Great Dane puppy, you should keep your sessions short, as your puppy has a short attention span. Start with a couple of minutes each time and add time as they get older to retain more information. 

Be patient

One of the best actions you can take while training your dog is to be patient with them as they learn new things. Training takes time, and if you expect quick results or push them, it can delay the process even longer. Your Great Dane is very social and loves to please, so if you give them time, attention, incentive, and love, they will catch one over time. The key is to be consistent and do little by little each training session. If you are patient with them and work with them, they will be happy to learn basic commands and new tricks each session. 





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Great dane puppies for sale


Great Lake Danes in the show ring

Hello Karri, I'm so proud to annoncing to you , last Friday, Michigane won over an adult female, she won WINNER BITCH, she got her first point on championship!!!

Hi Karri,

Hope you have been well. Remington is almost a year old now. I see that you are anticipating a little this exciting for you and your family. 

Sandy and Seth

Macy as a young lady, winning Junior Handler at the AKC show in Lansing, MI.

AKC junior show

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