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Blue Great Dane puppies for sale in West Michigan

AKC Blue Great Dane puppy breeder


Great Lake Danes is a family-run farm located in West Michigan specializing in breeding champion-pedigreed ACK Blue Great Dane puppies. Backed by over ten years of breeding, we are committed to providing the highest quality Blue Great Dane puppies. Our Great Danes are wonderful gentle giants, with notable personalities and temperaments. We serve Michigan and the surrounding states, including Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Great Lake Danes offers shipping options to make the process easier for those who cannot make the trip to the farm in Michigan. Our family is passionate about finding our Blue Great Dane puppies loving homes and can guide potential pet owners throughout the process. If you are interested in adding a Great Dane to your family, we can help you select the perfect puppy. 


What to expect when your Great Dane puppy leaves our farm


At Great Lake Danes, we ensure that your new family member has all of the proper paperwork, health records, training, and socialization. Each puppy leaves here up to date on its vaccinations and wormings along with a spay or neuter contract. Great Danes, along with other larger dog breeds, are prone to hip issues. Great Lake Danes guarantees hips against any genetic defects for 26 months of the puppy's life. We take pride in raising loving companions for your family to enjoy for years to come. Our puppies are raised with constant handling from birth and leave the farm with excellent socialization skills. From AKC papers to food, toys, grooming, supplements for healthy immune systems, and more, our farm considers all aspects of the transition to their new home. 

Items to bring with you when you pick up your Great Dane puppy

When you arrive at the Great Lake Danes farm, we recommend that you bring a few essential items to make the transition to your home seamless. Most importantly, you will want to bring towels and cleaning supplies with you, as puppies often get car sick. Besides cleaning items, it's best to bring a blanket with you that we can put the mother and litter's scent, so your puppy will have comfort when separated the first night. Many new pet owners opt to hold their puppy on the way home, but if you wish to bring a crate, we recommend a container 18 inches in height. All of these items will help your new puppy adjust to leaving the farm and joining your family. 

Blue Great Dane Temperament & Traits

Great Danes are known as gentle giants who offer protection and companionship to their families. A Great Dane's large stature may make the breed seem aggressive, but they have a very mild temperament. There are few different determinants that impact your Great Dane's personality and how they act. Training, socialization, diet, and genetics all play a vital role in a Great Dane's character.


Are you interested in making a Blue Great Dane puppy a member of your family? If so, chances are you are researching the breed, so you are prepared to bring a large dog breed to your home. It's essential to understand a Great Dane's personality to decipher if it would make an ideal fit for your property and home. Below are some of the most common and notable personality traits you can expect from our Great Dane puppies. 


Often, families are looking for a social breed that is good with kids and other people. When it comes to Great Danes, these dogs love to receive attention and give love. Great Danes are incredibly social breeds and are best not left alone for long periods. These dogs are gentle and affectionate, and often good with other pets as well. Great Danes are the ideal breed if you're looking for a dog breed that will excitedly meet you at the front door and keep you company in your home. These easy-going dogs want to be close to their owners and enjoy spending time with people. 


Safety is the top priority of your family. With a large dog in your home, you can ensure that you have a lower chance of someone entering your property without your permission. Great Danes can weigh up to two hundred pounds and up to 36 inches, depending on its sex. Due to their large stature and brave nature, Great Danes make for incredible protectors of their family. With their protective disposition, it's recommended to teach them at a young age not to jump, as their large size can hurt someone. A Great Dane's size alone is often a deterrent for potential intruders. Great Danes are the perfect combination of affectionate and protective. Generally, they are calm and docile but can alert homeowners if a threat appears. 

Easy to Train

Great Danes are people pleasers and want to make their owner happy, so with some time and attention, you can train your Great Dane. As with most breeds, the earlier you start training your Great Dane, the better that they will perform. Great Danes have average to above-average intelligence, which helps them learn new tasks and commands. Spending a few minutes practicing every day will help your Great Dane become well-behaved. When your Great Dane responds correctly to commands while training, reward them with attention, as they love social interaction. During training, you can use their favorite toy or treat to help them succeed. With their pleasing nature, Great Danes are ideal for learning new tricks. 

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Great dane puppies for sale

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