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5 Reasons to Get a Great Dane

Great Danes don't have 'great' in their names for nothing. While you may think they got that only because of their large size, there are other reasons. If you've spent time around one, you can't fail to notice how great (Yes, that word again) they are.

Intelligent, calm, protective, non-aggressive, and well-behaved, Great Danes have everything you need in a dog.

If you don't have one already, here are 5 reasons to get a Great Dane!

#1. Great Playmates with Children

Looking for excellent playmates for your kids? Get a Great Dane. For a playmate, you want a non-aggressive, gentle, and tolerant dog.

All of these qualities and more are present in Great Danes. Because of their love for children, they are very good dogs to have as companions for them. They bond well with children and form a lasting friendship with them and other members of the family.

However, because of their big size, you shouldn't leave toddlers with them without supervision. Great Danes can forget how big they are and accidentally injure your kids.

#2. They Have Good Temperament

Training plays a massive role in how well-behaved a dog would be, but no training can fix a dog's innate temperament issues.

Due to poor temperament, some dogs can be very aggressive and exhibit instinctive bad behavior. Some dog breeds have been known to turn on their owners.

But Great Danes are naturally well-behaved. Even with their enormous sizes, Great Danes are very patient, lovable, and sweet. That's why they are sometimes referred to as Gentle Giants.

#3. Great Danes Can Be Very Protective

Yes, Great Danes are very gentle, calm, and good-mannered. But that doesn't mean they are not protective. In fact, Great Danes are one of the most protective dog breeds around, showing their aggressiveness when the need arises. 

Weighing as much as 170 pounds and a height of 34 inches, Great Danes are large. A Great Dane can easily scare off strangers trying to harm your kids or invade your home with its big size. 

They also have deep barks that can be startling and intimidating. While they are better watchdogs, training a Great Dane will sharpen its guard instinct, identifying and neutralizing threats.

#4. They Make Great Companions

Most people who don't know Great Danes mistake them for aggressive, active, and outgoing dogs. That's not surprising, given their great size, strength, and athleticism.

When you own a Great Dane, don't be surprised to see it wanting to spend time with you. It can curl into your lap and is always ready for a belly rub, cuddle, and other forms of affection. 

All of these make them great family companions. While they can survive outdoor, Great Danes want to be where you are.

#5. They Are Easy to Groom

Great Danes don't require regular grooming, thanks to their thick, smooth coat. Using a soft-bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt to brush your Dane every week will keep the coat healthy and clean.

Also, keep your dog's nails as short as possible as long nails can be painful while running or walking. Great Danes also shed little fur, so you won't have to do much fur cleaning, and of course, they don't need regular baths!

Here at Great Lake Danes, our Great Danes are hand-raised by a family of knowledgeable breeders, ensuring any Great Dane you buy from us has a healthy body and great temperament. We are Great Dane lovers, too, and are committed to preserving the quality of the breed! Get your Great Dane today!


Great Lake Danes in the show ring

Hello Karri, I'm so proud to annoncing to you , last Friday, Michigane won over an adult female, she won WINNER BITCH, she got her first point on championship!!!

Hi Karri,

Hope you have been well. Remington is almost a year old now. I see that you are anticipating a little this exciting for you and your family. 

Sandy and Seth

Macy as a young lady, winning Junior Handler at the AKC show in Lansing, MI.

AKC junior show

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