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Blue Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Blue Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Ohio

Are you an Ohio native looking to find a Great Dane breeder near you? If so, look to Great Lake Danes. Great Lake Danes is a family-run farm located in West Michigan specializing in breeding champion-pedigreed ACK Blue Great Dane puppies. We serve Michigan and the surrounding states, including Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Our farm hand-raises puppies with love and compassion and is dedicated to helping them socialize from a young age. Blue Great Danes are known as "gentle giants" and great family pets.

At Great Lake Danes, our puppies are well adjusted socially to children and other pets. We hand-raise them and are dedicated to surrounding our puppies with love, affection, and a social upbringing. Blue Great Dane puppies have distinguished personalities and mellow temperaments, making them adored by many families and pet owners. As gentle giants, Great Danes make for beautiful pets and companions for families. Contact Great Lake Danes for more information on our Blue Great Dane puppies for sale!

How to Prepare for Adoption

Pet adoption can be an exciting time for families, and with the right tools and tips, it can be an easy transition. At Great Lake Danes, our family is dedicated to helping other families adjust to pet ownership life. We offer information about the different items to have in your home, so they are happy, healthy, and comfortable. There are a few things families should take note of before bringing home a puppy, and we break down a few of the most important things to have in preparation for the arrival of your new companion.

What items should you have at home?

When adopting a new puppy, it's essential to have some key items in your home to make the transition for both you and the puppy easier.

We break them down below:

  • Food: Your Great Dane's diet plays a significant role in their health, and we recommend keeping your Great Dane puppy on an adult formula of food. The protein has to be between 18-26%. Once you are home, we suggest 1 ¼ - 2 cups of food a day between two meals.

  • Treats for training: Great Dane's are people pleasers, and treats will make the training process more manageable.

  • Crate: A crate allows your puppy to have a space of their own where they feel safe. Crate training is also beneficial when house training. For an adult size crate, we use crates from 26-32 inches high.

  • Toys: Puppies need toys to engage and build relationships. De-stuffed toys are recommended. You can also use squeaker toys under supervision.

  • Bowls for food and water: You will need bowls for them to eat and drink. We suggest not using raised food dishes. They should eat lower, as they would in nature.

  • Pillows and blankets: Blankets and pillows can offer comfort and make it easier for them to adjust to their new home.

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