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Great Dane Breeders
Near Michigan

If you are searching for Great Dane breeders near Michigan, look to Great Lake Danes. Great Lake Danes is a family-run farm located in West Michigan specializing in breeding champion-pedigreed AKC Blue Great Dane puppies. Great Danes are known to be gentle giants who love companionship and to please their owners. Blue Great Dane puppies have distinguished personalities and mellow temperaments, making them adored by many families and pet owners. We serve Michigan and the surrounding states, including Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Our farm hand-raises puppies with love and compassion, and are dedicated to helping them socialize from a young age. With over ten years of breeding on our family farm, we are passionate about finding our Blue Great Dane puppies loving homes. Our family is committed to offering families the best start in pet ownership.

We are proud to provide information, resources, and supplies to potential pet owners. We strive to make the transition as seamless as possible so that the puppies can begin their new lives with families. Great Lake Danes offers shipping options to make the process easier for those who cannot make the trip to the farm in Michigan. Our puppies are well adjusted socially to children and other pets, making them the ideal family pet. If you are interested in a Blue Great Dane puppy, Great Lake Danes can help you select the perfect puppy. Contact Great Lake Danes in Michigan for more information on our Blue Great Dane puppies for sale.

What items should you have at home for your new Great Dane puppy?

A new puppy can add an immense amount of joy and companionship to a family. We are thrilled to help families adjust to becoming a Great Dane owner. There are a few essential items that will make the transition easier for your new Great Dane puppy. Below, we break down the important items you should have in your home to prepare for your new best friend's arrival.

  • Food: Your Great Dane's diet plays a significant role in their health, and we recommend keeping your Great Dane puppy on an adult formula of food. The protein has to be between 18-26%. Once you are home, we suggest 1 ¼ - 2 cups of food a day between two meals. 

  • Treats for training: Great Dane's are people pleasers, and treats will make the training process easier. 

  • Crate: A crate allows your puppy to have a space of their own where they feel sale. Crate training is also incredibly useful when house training. For an adult size crate, we use crates from 26-32 inches high. 

  • Toys: Puppies need toys to engage and build relationships. De-stuffed toys are recommended. You can also use squeaker toys under supervision. 

  • Bowls for food and water: You will need bowls for them to eat and drink. We suggest not using raised food dishes. They should eat lower, as they would in nature. 

  • Pillows and blankets: Blankets and pillows can offer comfort and make it easier for them to adjust to their new home. 

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Top traits of Blue Great Dane puppies

Are you interested in making a Blue Great Dane puppy a member of your family? Great Danes are known as gentle giants who are incredibly affectionate and offer excellent companionship. A Great Dane's large stature may make the breed seem aggressive, but they have a very mild temperament and are known to be friendly, especially with family members. Training, socialization, diet, and genetics all play a vital role in a Great Dane's character. At Great Lake Danes, we ensure our puppies are properly socialized and trained. Before owning a Great Dane, it's essential to understand some aspects of their temperament. Below are some of the most common and notable personality traits you can expect from our Great Dane puppies here at Great Lake Danes.

Easy to Train

One of the most important things to mention is that Great Danes are people pleasers and can easily train with patience and consistency. As with most breeds, the earlier you start training your Great Dane, the better chance of success you have. Great Danes have average to above-average intelligence. Spending a few minutes practicing every day will help your Great Dane become well-behaved. During training, you can use their favorite toy or treat to help them succeed. With their pleasing nature, Great Danes are ideal for learning new tricks. Stay consistent and patient, and they will perform all of the tricks in the books.

Great Dane


If you're searching for a social, friendly breed, Great Danes are an ideal family pet. Great Danes are known for their kind and charismatic demeanor. When it comes to Great Danes, these dogs love to receive attention and give love. They love to cuddle up with family and friends, making for a perfect fit for families. These dogs are gentle and affectionate, and often good with other pets as well. Great Danes are the ideal breed if you're looking for a dog that loves to be around people. 


Known as a tall breed, it's no secret that these dogs make for great protectors. Great Danes can weigh up to two hundred pounds and up to 36 inches, depending on its sex. A Great Dane's size alone is often a deterrent for potential intruders. Great Danes are the perfect combination of affectionate and protective. Generally, they are calm and docile but can alert homeowners if a threat appears. If you are searching for a dog breed that is friendly, yet protective when needed, Great Danes are the perfect fit. 





*AKC PAPERS (Sold on Limited Registration--no breeding rights unless agreed upon prior to pick-up).























Great dane puppies for sale


Great Lake Danes in the show ring

Hello Karri, I'm so proud to annoncing to you , last Friday, Michigane won over an adult female, she won WINNER BITCH, she got her first point on championship!!!

Hi Karri,

Hope you have been well. Remington is almost a year old now. I see that you are anticipating a little this exciting for you and your family. 

Sandy and Seth

Macy as a young lady, winning Junior Handler at the AKC show in Lansing, MI.

AKC junior show

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