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Characteristics of Blue Great Danes

Confident, calm, and gentle, Blue Great Danes cut a tall, imposing appearance that’s impossible to ignore. They might be scary to strangers, but they have a friendly streak they show their owners. If you’re thinking of buying a Blue Great Dane, here are some of their characteristics you should know!


Blue Great Danes have similar stature as other Great Dane dogs. What makes them distinct from others are their steel blue coat and blue eyes. However, the color of their eyes will change as they grow older to an Amber color. 

 Blue Great Danes also wear ears often naturally long or cropped.  Both looks are very popular.


Show me a Blue Great Dane, and I’ll show you a loyal, friendly, and gentle dog. Always wanting to please their owners, Blue Great Danes are also very obedient. You’d have no trouble training one.

They also love to snuggle beside their owners on the couch. Smart, possessive, and intelligent dogs, Blue Great Danes have the capabilities to be great watchdogs too.


With an imposing height that can reach 36” to the shoulder, when they fully develop, Blue Great Danes have a powerful presence that can intimidate would-be assailants. 

They are also sharp and intelligent, enabling them to recognize family and close friends, an essential attribute of watchdogs. Their possessive and protective trait keeps them alert whenever there are strangers around.

Physical Activities

While they do not need a lot of exercise, Blue Great Danes do require some daily physical activities. Walking your dog for between 20 and 40 minutes daily keeps them in shape. Besides the usual dog training, teach your dog how to walk on a leash.


Feed your Blue Great Dane puppy with foods made explicitly for Dane puppies twice or three times daily. In the same vein, adult Blue Great Danes should be fed with specifically-made dry dog recipes.

However, it’s important to make sure you don’t take your Great Dane out for a walk right after feeding them or before. Doing this gives your dog the risk of suffering from bloat, the number one health condition affecting Great Danes.


Thanks to the texture of their coat, Blue Great Danes are very easy to groom. Short and smooth, their coat only requires brushing occasionally. Bathing can be done once a month or so to keep your Blue Great Dane looking beautiful and well-groomed.

Blue Great Danes are lovely dogs to have. However, it is recommended to get your puppy from a certified breeder for a healthy dog you can spend great and happy moments with!


Great Lake Danes in the show ring

Hello Karri, I'm so proud to annoncing to you , last Friday, Michigane won over an adult female, she won WINNER BITCH, she got her first point on championship!!!

Hi Karri,

Hope you have been well. Remington is almost a year old now. I see that you are anticipating a little this exciting for you and your family. 

Sandy and Seth

Macy as a young lady, winning Junior Handler at the AKC show in Lansing, MI.

AKC junior show

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